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The New Age trap


„Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world“ (1. John 4:1).

„For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect

(Matthew 24:24).

More information about New Age: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Age


 New Age is the time of Aquarius, Sun and Solarium. It is a spiritual (religious) movement inspired and affected by pantheism and eastern spiritual streams. This term covers many people, organizations, activities, practices and thoughts. One of the biggest New Age deceptions is the faith in immortality of the soul. This doctrine infiltrated also Christians. Greek word for soul is psyche that means also life. The word of God says: „And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.“ Genesis 2,7. Soul is not a separate part of our being. The unity of the body and breath / spirit forms a living soul.


THIS SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT INCLUDES OCCULT PRACTICES WHICH ARE MENTIONED THERE: barankova-nevesta.estranky.sk/en/articles/about-us.html


 New Age says that in every person is God himself, everyone has a divine potential and it is needed to live in harmony and thus free this potential through some special occult practices. This movement looks at first very tolerant, because it integrates all religions, is peace keeping etc ... Truth is really on the other side. In New Age everything is relative so also the truth is relative and everyone who says that an absolute truth exists or only one way to God is an open enemy. Biblical Christianity is seen as an enemy because talks about God´s absolute demands on moral side of a human and about the only way of salvation: the truth in Jesus Christ. reinkarnacia-2.jpg

The faith in karma and reincarnation is the most important part of the occult movement of New Age. Without the faith in reincarnation would the millions of New Age members have a feeling that they can die before the coming of golden era. The faith in reincarnation gives them hope that in those times of perfection they will live again even if they would have to go through thousands lives before they reach this goal.

Karma, the balance between good and evil, is a controlling power of each following incarnation. Karma is a tool, through which every person chooses experiences of his following life. A person who wants to get rid of a lot of negative karma can choose that he would get interrupted, or he can be born handicapped, have a cancer, live in extreme poverty etc.

The New age doctrines about karma and reincarnation openly destroy meaning of any social work. Who would have the courage to disturb the laws of karma if he brings relief to people, that openly chose their actual state and would thus condemn them for a repetition, so they can fulfill given requirement? In karma there is not the term „forgiveness“. Its absolute firm position demands, that every person fully pays for each breakdown, by which he reaches good in that given life.

The faith in the leadership by spirits through mediums is another sketch of this movement.spirits calling The leading spirits are meant to be people from the past or future, who in the present time do not have physical existence „on the Earth“. It is said that they are very intelligent and informed and work through mediums in such a way, that temporally they have a control over their bodies. It happens when the medium is in trance. The medium closes his eyes, twists his body, breaths deeply and than by affected voice he starts to give information and councils. The leading spirit can be a warrior three thousand five hundred years old, Maria, Jesus mother, six year old child from Atlantis, woman that will be born on Venus in six years and also dolphins („they are so advanced“).

Till now we have written about the occult branch of this movement. But also there is a humanistic New Age branch.

The humanistic branch is not led by pagan superstitions, magic means and dreams about infinite reincarnation. But those things that remain are understanding humanity as being godly and aspired on a utopian community and a world order:

- we see world as a self existing and not created;

- a man arose as a result of an unending process;

- no godhood can save us, we have to save us ourselves;

- we do not think that religious forms and thoughts of our fathers are appropriate;

- man finally starts to realize that only he is responsible for making his dream world true, that he has power within himself to reach his goal;

-  This century could and should be humanistic.






Jesus and New Age

At first, New Age says that Jesus is a harmonized and developed being, which shows and example of a possible evolutionary progress in reaching the „godliness“. In New Age Jesus is given many names – mister of esoteric, guru, shaman, avatar, yogi etc. Often much oriental godhood is exemplified as Jesus: Rama, Krishna, Viassa and others.

Secondly, New Age movement separates the being of Jesus, as it is presented in the Bible from so called knowledge of Christ, which this movement often uses. Jesus was according to New Age only a regular human being who by his own effort reached that „knowledge of Christ“. Philosophers of the New Age claim, that as Jesus reached this godly power, everyone can reach it today, who tries (but has to use some techniques of the New Age).

Thirdly, New Age denies the basic and most important truth: that Jesus is the greatest and final revelation of God. Even though he is sometimes presented in this movement as „godly Christ“, according to them he is not the only revelation of God here on this Earth.

4. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is either totally disclaimed or at least distorted.atum-nu-neg.jpg Also when it  is admitted, than with such an addition that Jesus was crucified because he was not really conscious of that knowledge of Christ(!). More often it is totally denied as a false myth that was by some strange way put into the Bible.

5. Jesus Christ again by New Age „theologians“ did not rise from the death and did not come to heaven. This movement admits in this most important event for Christians that Jesus was lifted into not really specified „mountain of misters”, where all the people, that reached such a “knowledge of Christ” gather. According to New Age Jesus does not return in glory to the father but submerge into some “collective soul of the knowledge of Christ”.

6. New Age strictly disclaims very important Bible statements that Savior will visibly return once again to this Earth in power and glory. It is because this event that will surely come is in such a contradiction to openly announced coming of the “new era”, in which supposedly all people will become perfect gods.

7. Resources from which New Age takes these delusions are mostly some Gnostic secret esoteric and orient writings. They use Bible as many other sects – rip out from that short text and snippets, combine them and twist.


Cosmic Christ

This term cosmic Christ you can see in pamphlets and posters inviting to some meditations, healing and cosmic meditations. He should be some “universal” Christ for us all.prophesy2012.jpg New Age sees him as Gnostic inventor that should bring humanity and especially stray away Christians to new understanding of the world. According to New Age you can imagine cosmic Christ as a wizard, essayist, mister, guru, illuminated teacher, avatar, shaman…. It depends on you what you imagine. One of the New Age leaders said to this: “if we want to show that we have something better as a historic Christianity, what is a real fact, some old Jesus Christ is not enough. We need cosmic Christ, universal Christ, Christ of a New era".





Transhumanism is a futurological and philosophical concept that talks about possibilities of human transformation through usage of modern technologies.

It is a way of thinking about future that is based on a premise that people in their current form do not represent the end of evolution but only its early stage.

Advanced and available technologies can help us to eliminate aging and enable us to broaden our intellectual, physical and psychological abilities. Transhumanism also covers studying of promises, potentials and threats of technologies, which enable people to overcome basic human limits as well as ethic means of development and usage of these technologies.

Many branches belongs here: Biotechnology, Genetic engineering, Cloning, Nanotechnology, Super intelligence, Virtual reality, Cryonics, Singularity

Risks of transhumanism

·Biological war

·Nanotechnology war

·Nuclear war

·Artificial intelligence

·Nanotechnological pollution